Michael Bartul | American Idol

So I was thinking that it was time to post an update on this Michael Bartul blog since the last post wasn't really able to provide much information. Not that I didn't try in the last post, mind you. I mean, I'm lazy, but not that lazy. Thing is, for the last post, there just wasn't any information, or there was almost no information available online for Michael. So I was thinking, well, time has passed, surely there must be a little bit more stuff on the guy by now. But no. I was wrong. It's like a drought or something. There's hardly anything there.

Again, there're hardly any sites out there providing information on Michael Bartul. And the sites which do mention him usually say the same thing (including this one, lol). Couldn't find any pictures even. Not one single photograph of this person who could very well be, maybe at least, in several months time, the next American Idol. The 2009 version of David Cook. And yet, nothing. It's astounding. Makes you realize that even with all the stuff available online, there's still quite a large segment of the population who can't be researched all that much with Google. I mean, I can Google some of my friends and find out more about them than I did about Michael Bartul. Really. Am just quite surprised.

Then again, this could all work in his favor, I guess. There's no fatigue surrounding him, because well, there's hardly any mention of the guy. I do wonder what he's thinking now. How is he preparing for the coming American Idol episodes? Was his Christmas merry? Was his New Year's Day happy? Did he enjoy wolfing down his Christmas meal? Or did he feel like throwing up with nervousness, anticipating having to perform for America very, very soon?

Is he counting down the days to the American Idol opening episode? Or is he dreading the end of yet another day? Will he enjoy watching his audition footage? Will American Idol even show his audition? Is he maybe working with a voice coach now? Maybe getting some tips on wardrobe? A new haircut? Does he even have hair? Can he dance? Will he try to dance? Does he play an instrument? Will he love the camera? Will the camera love him? Is he asking his friends to vote for him? His family? Or does he have to keep how he did a secret? How did he do anyway? Hell, maybe he was cut before Hollywood. Who knows what really happened? Maybe all this is just a ploy to leak false information as a cover by the folks behind American Idol?

Now I'm just confused. Anyway, good luck to Michael Bartul.